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CHEK Exercise Coach
CHEK HLC Level 2

Hello! I’m Kyle Campbell. I provide Health, Fitness, and Life coaching for those ready to empower them selves. Individualized Health and fitness to fit your needs. Certified Exercise Coach, and Holistic Lifestyle Coach level 2 through the Check Institute.

I specialize in helping people with big dreams and big nightmares become who they want to be. Have you been to one or more doctors for your aches and pains? Have you tried multiple diets to lose weight or put on muscle, and none of them seem to work? Are you fed up with feeling tired, or your gut hurting? Are you having trouble in your marriage, or find it hard to love yourself? This happens to almost everybody, and I’ve had my share of challenges that brought me on a journey to find the CHEK Institute. I’m more than excited to help you with your challenges, and tailor every program to fit the individual! Please feel free to contact me about rates or for more information.

I’m happy and excited to help you on your journey to becoming who you want to be. Let me be your coach on your journey to happiness and success!



Empowering you to achieve your dreams and goals.