I am a Check Institute certified Professional. I have certifications in Exercise Coach, and Holistic Lifestyle Coach level 2. I am truly dedicated to creating custom programs with you to accomplish your fitness, health, and life goals or dreams. I teach you how to navigate challenges so that you become your own coach, create your own supportive beliefs, and values to live a life you can be proud of. My coaching works by creating a path to your dream, or away from your nightmare, and addressing you as a whole being. Helping you face your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

I am currently located in Sterling, Colorado where I am able to assist most people nationwide through the use of assessments and online counseling. For those interested in correcting posture, intense or therapeutic physical training, I travel within a radius of 150 miles. For those of you farther away don’t worry, because I am able to have other practitioners assist me in this area.

I use Skype, and other technology to assist those that are traveling, in remote areas, have health or body image issues and can’t travel, or those that are too far away to make coaching face to face feasible. I am fortunate to have these tools to provide you with the care you need, and deserve.

I specialize in

  • Weight-Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Physical fitness
  • Diet
  • General health and wellness
  • Emotional challenges
  • Mental health
  • Career success
  • Muscular and joint pain
  • Chronic disease
  • Headaches
  • And much more!