About Me

My Story

    Some of my earliest memories are of back pain. Not the chronic type that we as adults tend to think of but back pain all the same. It was sitting down in a chair at a classroom for what seemed like eternity to me. At first it was just my pelvis that hurt on the hard seat. Then as I continued to sit there I got my first taste of a dull, and achy pain in my lower back.

    As I got older this issue started to come back more often, and stay for longer each time . I struggled everyday all day at some points. I went from being confident in my body, feeling powerful and playful like most of us are when we are kids. To then feeling afraid to move my self, being weak, and cautious. So like you I looked for someone or something to assist me.

    I first sought the help of doctors to help me with my pain. I was either ignored or given an option to medicate. Maybe from being to embarrassed or young to express how I really felt. Possibly due to there own disbelief that someone so young would have back pain, or not understanding how sick I felt taking those medications.

Growing up

    I faced many other challenges like this. such as my digestion, attention span, social problems, and other nasty things. Each time having a similar experience as my back pain. As I grew up I noticed that my friends, and family had similar challenges. That most people had these same issues as me, and a myriad of others as well.

    I  made the decision that I wanted to help because I was experiencing the same pain that everyone was. Fortunately I am surrounded by amazing teachers in an age of information and I am able to help myself and others heal and find balance. I owe a lot to people like Paul Chek, Guy Voyer, Joel Crandall, and countless others.

    I now spend my time helping people achieve there dreams and goals. Whether that is getting out of back pain, or working up a sweat at a class. I continue to invest in myself by reading, relaxing, and enjoying family.

    I look forward to all the growth that the future holds for both of us. Come Join me for a class or a session! To see if Dream Forge, Ltd. fits your needs and what you want to see happen. Shoot me an email for consultation! http://www.healthbydreamforge.com/contact-us/