Addiction is something that most people struggle with whether they are aware of it or not. When I hear people talk about addiction it usually has to do with Drugs, alcohol, or smoking. However in my definition an addiction is anything that is dream or possibly life negating that you have given away your power to choose other behaviors. Yes this does mean substance abuse and includes food, but is also means any behavior that provides you with positive reinforcement such as attention, comfort, a break from reality, pleasure, etc. that ultimately is destructive. This is different from abusing behavior because even though it can be just as destructive, the person that is abusing still holds power over the choice. It can be almost impossible to distinguish between the two because there are a lot of shades of grey in between. An example would be the difference between someone who switches from coffee to an herbal tea or quits all together with no problem vs. when I quit smoking, and at first didn’t have the will to do so.

So now that we have defined addiction let’s take a look at what causes it. When people choose behaviors that they know aren’t healthy or dream affirmative it is usually from stress. The stress can be from work, family, beliefs, you name it. People then turn to a behavior to try and escape, or comfort themselves. This works well at first, until your body and mind adjusts and you need more of the behavior to achieve the original result. Your body and Psychology start to adapt to the behavior, and then require the behavior to maintain homeostasis, or normal. This creates what is called a shadow. A behavior driven by an unconscious reason built to protect yourself until you are ready to uncover it, and build a healthier dream affirmative behavior.  These shadow behaviors usually have their own protective mechanisms built in. Such as denial, defensiveness, avoidance, etc.

Addictions aren’t easy to overcome. They are not however impossible. What exactly should be done usually depends on the individual, and needs to be adjusted during the process in order to achieve success. All processes though usually involve some way to bridge where you are to where you want to be. This includes gradually weaning off, trading habits, changing environments, and making other changes to life such as adding nutrition and reflection that will make the transition easier.

Addictions of all kind are very serious and the process of breaking them is greatly aided with support, and love. Self love being the most important as the choice is always yours. If you don’t change who you are before, during and after the transition the shadow will remain and you will soon be abusing, then addicted to another type of behavior. Great resources to overcome addiction are CHEK HLC level 2 or 3, and Paul Chek’s 1-2-3-4 of overcoming addiction Obesity and disease.

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