Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever wanted to fly, breathe underwater, or turn into an animal? I know I have, and I’ve even experienced it. That’s impossible, right? Nothing is impossible in our dreams. Dreams can be a lot of fun, and they can also be great tools into self development. Today I will be talking specifically about lucid dreaming and ways to use it for self development. I’m sure you already have a list of fun adventures you want to go on so I will leave the having fun part to you.

To talk about Lucid dreaming I must first talk about dreams. When you go to sleep you go through cycles. One of those stages in a cycle is called R.E.M. or rapid eye movement. This is when most dreaming occurs. Dreaming is a way for you to integrate things that happened during the day into your unconscious mind. It is also a way for your unconscious mind to communicate to the conscious one about unresolved issues, and warnings for the future. This should be enough for the frame work I will need for my topic, if you are interested in diving further into it, let me know and I will do another blog on it.

Lucid dreaming is being conscious, and in control of your dreams. This is not a normal state of consciousness and wasn’t even believed to be real by scientific communities for a long time. It is something that some fortunate people are gifted with regular occurrences, some people achieve it with practice, and some people have rare occurrences of this or never in their lifetime. Being conscious of dreams is well known and occurs with much more regularity. Lucid dreaming is rarer because in order to control and be conscious in a dream requires a very relaxed mind.

Before I dive into techniques I need to state that the basis for going into work this deep usually requires getting healthy first. As stated above you need to be relaxed for this work which is almost impossible, or at least requires intense training to achieve. If your body perceives it is under threat it is not going to want to lend you resources to go deeper if you haven’t done the more immediate work. Listen to your body and work on where you are at. Lucid dreaming will be there later, and will be more enjoyable when you are healthy.

There are several techniques and even gadgets that people use to lucid dream. I will not cover them in detail here because other resources are going to be better, and there are tons of approaches that you will have to look at and try to find one that is right for you. Some popular ones are WILD or wake induced lucid dreaming, creating a habit that you do on a regular basis to see if you are dreaming, and waking up then immediately going back to sleep. I have had the most success with the last one. I would like to caution you that learning to lucid dream can interrupt your sleep so be careful.

Once awake inside of your dream just go with the flow, I would recommend doing this for about a week. This will make it easier to relax and know what going with the flow feels like. This is important because once you leave flow you leave the dream. The next step is to try and change small things, and work your way to bigger ones. Keeping a dream journal will help you remember your dreams and go deeper into them. Keep it next to where you sleep so that you can record them upon waking when dreams will be the most memorable.

Besides the obvious benefit of how fun this can be, lucid dreaming gives you a doorway into your unconscious, and in my belief system other realms. This is very therapeutic because it gives you a chance to talk to your environment, change events, and become the creator of your world. The objects and people in your dreams are there because you allow them or chose them to be there. Talking to, and asking questions with these objects or people can give you great insight into your mind. You can even choose to have guides in your dreams that that will work in the same way that I would in coaching you. There is no greater teacher for yourself than you. You can also practice and explore abilities in your dreams. The carry over isn’t great because your dream self is much more capable, but this does make the exploration safer and can provide great insight in how to proceed.

Lucid dreaming isn’t for everyone. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, but the self development aspects sound like something you are interested in check out shamanic journeying. This is basically a meditation involving your imagination where you also speak to your unconscious mind, and if you believe as I do travel to other realms.



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