Meal Planning

I LOVE to cook. I am not the best at it, but I have definitely earned my place in the kitchen. Through trial and error which still goes on to this day. I like to read recipes but don’t usually follow them fully which has led to some interesting situations, and a lot of trouble for myself and any woman or roommate that has been in my life (thank you all for putting up with me). I have learned a few tips that may just help you out with your busy life trying to get and stay healthy.

  1. Cook once for several meals.

This has helped me stay on track immensely! I know that not everyone is a fan of eating the same thing for a couple meals like I am. This still can work in your favor though if you cook the meats or veggies all at once and then turn it into several different meals. Like roast and sweet potato for breakfast (I know, I’m a rebel), a roast sandwich on some nice whole grain or cauliflower bread (just look up cauliflower sandwich bread) for lunch, and then for supper cook some greens and then mix then in with raw ones as a bed for the roast. You get the idea.

  1. Keep snack food ready

Nothing is going to crash your diet faster and make you feel like giving up then suddenly feeling hungry and giving into some junk or fast food craving. Keep some nuts that you have soaked in the fridge (they don’t last long so be sparing). Keep veggies and fruit (for sweet cravings) that you know you will love to eat when hungry. Dehydrated meat and high quality sliced meat is also great to have and eat with some veggies for a great balanced snack (you can even use your own oven to make jerky).

  1. Package foods for individual meals

I use glass jars to put food that I’ve prepared into for work, and travel. I also recommend stainless steel. I don’t suggest plastic because it leaks into your food, especially when heated in the plastic container. I also don’t suggest using microwaves to heat the food up. I also know that I have a much easier time eating cold food then most others, and you only have so many options at work so the only thing anyone can expect is do the best you can.

  1. Cook what you will love to eat, and keep it simple!

A lot of people fail diets because they go way too far past their comfort zone and aren’t ready to really eat what they think they should be. Remember that there is always a step up, and that it is the combined steps that lead to real progress. Be compassionate with yourself and realistic about where you are at. Remember I’m rooting for you!


Some cook books I recommend are Rocket fuel on a budget by Joanna Rushton for beginners, and the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre which is extremely comprehensive and even goes over pros and cons of specific diets.

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